Whether you’d simply like a quick email written or a full review of your marketing strategy, Firefly takes care of the big picture right down to the smallest of details.

Leads right now: marketing campaigns and copywriting

Firefly makes it easy to engage with your market, audience or community. We won’t just write media releases, we’ll help you create news worth reporting.

Talk to Firefly about:

  • Copywriting for direct mail, emails, brochures and marketing campaigns
    Deliver the message. Engage your audience. Drive action!
  • Articles, white papers and case studies
    Create content to drive inquiries and build your reputation as a thought leader and preferred supplier. With the ability to understand the most complex or technical concepts, Firefly is the ultimate no-fluff freelance writer.
  • Script writing
    Deliver a presentation, speech or create a video with impact.
  • Proof reading and editing
    Avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes. Have Firefly check copy before committing to expensive design and printing.
  • Media releases
    With experience both as a print editor and a radio producer, Firefly understands what it takes to get in the news. And we have the results to prove it.
  • Newsletters and annual reports
    Whether you need us to do everything from interviewing onwards or edit material for a more professional and consistent message, Firefly can take the pain out of producing major communication pieces.
  • Blogs and websites
    When you want a dynamic website that’s always fresh, ask Firefly to help. We’ll write interesting material that boosts your SEO, too.

We’ll work hand in hand with your chosen photographers, graphic designers and web nerds or recommend you someone we trust.

The long term: reputation and brand management

Every business, particularly those with high-value offerings, sells its brand along with every product.

Cultivate and protect your organisation’s reputation with sensitive public relations, speaking engagements, white papers and articles, social media and risk management. Let Firefly build your image with engaging and respectful yet meaningful interaction.

The big picture: marketing strategy

Plan to do better. Let’s work together to get the best results from your marketing budget with integrated marketing campaigns that hit your targets more than once.

Firefly has conceived marketing strategy for organisations large and small, ranging from schools to scientific instrument suppliers.